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Businesses are very important from top to bottom. Whether you have a small or large business, no locksmith service is too great for us to handle. If your business requires specialty locks, then we can install and replace them without any problems. Liberty Locksmith Philadelphia takes the initiative in catering to businesses in order to protect their hard earned assets.

We provide a wide variety of service for business in the commercial sector. If there are services you require that you do not see on our list, do not hesitate to enquire about it.

Specialties in this area:

  • Installation or Repair of CCTV
  • Installations or Changes of Safe Combinations or Locks
  • Full Upgrade, Maintenance, and Repair of the Master Key System
  • Installation or Maintenance of File Cabinet Locks
  • Installation or Repair of High Tech Security Locks
  • Rekeying Services
  • Other Locksmith Demands

Lock Repair

We are able to repair any type of lock for your business at all times. As long as the lock is repairable, then we will do our best to repair it. If the lock is beyond repair, then we will guide you on the next steps of getting you better locks. We have a full stock of locks to fix your problem in the least time possible. A quote is provided upfront for you to have full knowledge of what you are getting ahead of the work. Our technicians stay on top of their skills 24/7. We stay up to date on all the knowledge that is released year by year. With Liberty Locksmith Philadelphia, you get the best locksmiths in the business.

Commercial Lockout Locksmith

The best services come in convenient packages. If you have an urgent call, we pride ourselves on being there within 30 minutes. We do not like to keep you waiting for any service request. Whether it is day or night, we can get to you in a reasonable time frame.

10% Off

Prices say everything about a business. Our prices are very affordable without putting any holes in your wallet. On any service that you get done, we provide 90 day insurances. If any issues arise within the 90 days, we are happy to get our technicians to visit you in order to address any of your concerns.

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Can A Licensed Locksmith Set Up A Master Key?

Liberty Locksmith Philadelphia has one main goal overall. We want to keep your business protected on a 24/7 basis. We are fully equipped to set up a master key system for your advanced protection and security.

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