safe locksmith Philadelphia


Safe is one of the most secure and easy ways to store different types of valuables such as:

*Birth/marriage certificate.
In Liberty Locksmith Philadelphia we understand the nature of privacy and we are available 24/7 to assist with all types of safe services, beginning with recommendations on different types of safes to unlock safes,repair,combinations changing and safe opening service. 

Most common questions on safe

Where should I store the safe ?
-For this question there is more then one option. Most people will store their safe in their master bedroom,but the most secure place is the place that you choose .
Which way is the best to lock the safe? 
-There are different types of safe and looking systems , the basic one is the manual key and there is also a digital keypad safe which is more common.
The owner of the safe wil need to decide which way will be the most secure way for his own needs and personality.
Our safes team will help you change the combination on digital keypad safe and change your manually key safe to digital keypad safe.
We also provide emergency service for safes when a customer locked out and needs help getting back into  his safe.